We believe everyone deserves a beautiful brand.
The team behind Emblem spent years building world class brands, and we’ve seen the power that design has to transform businesses and connect with people. So it always made us extra sad to see small companies and individuals bringing mediocre brands to market. But we understood that they probably weren’t ready to pay design agency prices for what, to them, just felt like some random artwork. Typically with most DIY logo builders, that is pretty much what you get.

Emblem is built to fill that gap, to help everyday people create beautiful—and complete—brands more efficiently. While the platform is simple to use, we’ve put all our combined years of design expertise under the hood to ensure that everyone can experience the benefits of a beautiful, memorable brand.
Ethan Keller
Founder / CEO
Ethan has been designing the future of brands for the last 14 years. Most recently, he has been leading a skunkworks design studio in New York City. With a passion for big, bold, beautiful, simplistic design, he leads the charge at Emblem with boundless enthusiasm.
Chris Edwards
Co-Founder / CCO
Chris specializes in creating ultra-premium graphic and motion design experiences. At Emblem, he tackles the hairy challenges involved in reverse engineering great design and codifying it into an interface that is drop dead simple to use.
Jason Donnette
Co-Founder / CTO
Jason is the rare breed of engineer that thinks about design as much as he does code. Balancing logic with function, he’s constantly looking for the most efficient way for products to perform.