Your subscription to Emblem (mostly) replaces the need to contact a design agency.
Gain peace of mind knowing your brand and all of your assets live in one convenient location.
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Unlimited revisions
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Unlimited Brands
Same offerings as a single brand, but create an unlimited number of brands.
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1. Why do I need a subscription for Emblem?
Subscribing to Emblem gives you the peace of mind of having your brand live in one central location, as well as the ability to easily download all of your brand assets as needed. Consider Emblem a virtual design agency rather than a one-and-done platform. Instead of having to contact a designer for small updates or access to your resources (and being faced with turnaround time and additional costs), you can log in to Emblem and take care of it yourself.
2. Can I just buy a brand without subscribing?
You are more than welcome to explore endless brand options in Emblem, free of charge. You can even share and save these explorations as you go. However, without subscribing to Emblem, you will not be able to download your assets.
3. How does Emblem compare with other online brand builders?
One of the biggest differentiators of our app compared to other online brand builders is its freeform nature. Other sites generate a very small number of options based on a set of high-level questions. We find those options to be extremely limiting and very predictable. The Emblem approach is to embrace the serendipitous nature of visual exploration and offer guidance in other forms, like curated color palettes and type packs. We’ve developed proprietary techniques that deliver a set of options which represent the perfect harmony of machine learning and professional curation.
4. Can I edit my brand once I’ve purchased it?
Absolutely. We understand the importance of keeping things fresh and that requires the ability to tweak your brand every now and then. However, we do recommend you limit how often you edit your brand to ensure consistency.
5. What happens when my subscription expires?
When your subscription expires, your brand will still appear in your saved brands collection but you won’t be able to download your assets until you re-subscribe.